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Dabang Euro 2 Motorcycle Model 2013 Price in Pakistan


Metro Dabang Euro 2  Price in Pakistan is 43,000

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Attractive Tail Light
  • Chrome Muffler Shield
  • Dabang Fuel Tank Graphics
  • Digital Speedometer + Rpm + Clock
  • Flexible Winkers
  • Insurance Rs.50,000
  • Non Rusted Color Fenders
  • Unbreakable Indicators

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Metro Motorcycle group is launching new model/version of Metro 70cc bike. Company gave a new name to their flagship model which is DABANG. Yes you read it right it is DABANG.

Metro continues to fulfill its promise of being prominent in the 70 cc series bikes in Pakistan. Another 70 cc bike naming Metro Dabang Euro 2, with an outstanding Euro 2 technology has been launched in the market for 2013 year. Euro 2 technology enhances the bikes ability to pollute the air less than ordinary bike. With the launch of eco system friendly bikes, this bike manufacturer has been claimed this a bike of the future for consuming less fuel and still priced economically. Furthermore the graphics that have been displayed on the tank and side covers are extraordinary. This is the reason of its rich popularity across the country.

Additional information





Product Type



MR 70-Boom

Engine Type

Air Cooled with SOHC, Single Cylinder


Four Speed Constant Mesh

Ignition System

Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)

Starter System

Kick Starter

Fuel Tank Capacity

Liters/1 Liter

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