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Homage UPS HEX 1204 Inverter Price In Pakistan


Homage UPS HEX 1204 12000VA 900Watts Inverter Review:

As load shedding is increasing in Pakistan the more UPS’s demand is increasing. Every moment thousands of people are buying UPS to stay powered. There are thousands of companies which are selling UPS but one of them is HOMAGE which has increased demand for its quality. Homage has introduced a new Model HEX 1204 . HEX 1204 is a powerful inverter of 1000VA 800Watts . Homage’s HEX is enough for a family house , shop or office. Homage HEX 1204 capacity is about  5 tube lights or 14 energy savers and 6 fans .  Its Power Is  900 Watts 1200VA/12VDC/220VAC .

Homage HEX 1204 packs with

  • User friendly LCD & LED


Homage UPS HEX 1204-

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Homage UPS HEX 1204 1200va INverter Specs & Features:


  • Built-in intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and to prevent overcharging
  •  Light weighted, wall mounted, rack design
  • User friendly LCD & LED
  • Multiple protections: low battery alarm, low battery shut down, overload protection, over heating protection, short circuit protection
  • Highly efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss
  • Free AC & DC cables
  • Innovative charging system especially designed to suit local type batteries and local weather conditions
  • Start In a moment
  • Battery Life of 6 hours
  • Overheating Protection
  • Intelligent 3-Stage Charge Control(which ensures that inverter doesn’t over charge or over heat)
  • Light Weight,Wall Mounted , Rack Designed


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Additional information


900 Watts 1200VA/12VDC/220VAC


5 tube lights or 14 energy savers and 6 fans


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