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HP Headset HA3000 Review & Price


HP Headset HA3000 Price is 2500

  • HP Headset HA3000 Model
  • Covers Half Earpiece Design
  • 79 g Weight
  • black, white, pink Colors
  • Noise Reduction (Microphone)
  • 100 – 10,000 Hz Frequency response (microphone)

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HP Headset HA3000 Review & Price

HP Headset HA3000 Review & Price In Pakistan 2014 .Simply after one utilization, you’ll understand that HP Headset Ha3000 is a remarkable consolidation of solace & new style, sound quality and best. HP Headset Ha3000 offers distinctive shade blankets that you change with your state. Be that as it may, hold up. The coolness doesn’t stop there. Its smooth, streamlined profile stresses the over-the-head shape with square ear cushions in flawless concordance.
HP Headset HA3000  Price HP Headset HA3000 Review
Not simply is HP’s Headset Ha3000 simply the right match for your PC: music, motion pictures, recreations and web talking. This adaptable headset moreover fits the larger part of your distinctive contraptions too: tablet, Mp 3 player and cell phone.

Presently hear this. No murmuring. No crackling. HP’s Headset Ha3000 offers a more extensive recurrence reach and higher affect-ability so you hear clearer sound. Square ear cushions furnish brilliant scope to bail overwhelm foundation clamor.

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Additional information

Product Name

HP Headset




HP Headset HA3000



Earpiece Design

Covers Half


black, white, pink

Frequency response (microphone)

100 – 10,000 Hz

Frequency Range

20 Hz



Noise Reduction (Microphone)



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